5 Key Shifts

Join Baeth Davis for this free training where she reveals…
…How to Determine Your Specific, Genetic Life Purpose and Express This Purpose Through Your Greatest Gifts

5 Key Shifts to Align to Your Design:
Move Out of a Spiritual Crisis of Meaning into a Life “On Purpose”

In this Masterclass, we wil cover:

Why your spiritual crisis of meaning is a good sign for your future

What is required to move out of confusion and into clarity and decisiveness

Why your work ideally expresses your purpose

Your real issue with money and what to do about it

Why “leadership” is so hard to achieve and what to focus on instead

How to increase your professional visibility

Why you must bring your gifts to the world for true fulfillment


“Using Baeth’s approach, I’m regularly making mid-five-figures
with my program offers!”

– Kim Kaase, Business Coach, Texas

“While mentoring with Baeth, I enrolled my first private client online for nearly $5000– and my work previously had been off-line!”

– Erin Parsley, Professional Dancer and Embodiment Coach, Mexico

“Thanks to understanding my human design, I decided to claim my
Feng Shui expertise and subsequently created my ‘Monetize Your Office
Method’ for entrepreneurs to create spaces that generate wealth and joy.
I highly recommend Baeth and her programs for claiming who you REALLY are in business.”

– Tandy Pryor, Business Mentor, Cincinnati, Ohio



I'm never consistently successful


I know I want to grow, but I don't know where to start


I'm afraid of what I'll lose if I make a big change


If I were shown the way, I could do it!


I always feel like I'm doing something wrong


I'm nervous about being in the spotlight

For over 22 years...

 I've helped women from all walks of life discover their purpose. Businesswomen, artists, lawyers, medical professionals and academics have asked me to bring knowledge and purpose back into their lives.

I've hosted seminars, delivered keynote speeches and worked 1-on-1 with women struggling to let their inner selves show, and harness it to nurture positive change.

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